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"The furniture of the shop will be old along with its use, not being modified, not repainted."

Detail Space is a furniture brand that was born from Khun Phairot's raw charm. Who have created steel furniture (Crazyfur brand) together with partners in Phuket until becoming famous But for personal necessities, he had to relocate to his hometown in Phitsanulok Province Phairoj then started to make furniture again. By creating what we think can come true by combining truth with materials such as wood and iron Until it became a table, chair and locker Including built-in works that are unique in loft style and different from other brands of furniture

The beauty of time Is the key to designing loft style furniture of this brand Because every detail has been created with care Whether it's the design of chairs, tables, cabinets, shelves and hanging rails. Including built in furniture design for cafes and restaurants It is mostly floating. Using materials such as wood and steel To convey the naturalness without any additives  Therefore, when time changes, furniture changes. But it also adds to its charm, such as rusting of steel, periodic wear, darker shades of wood. And wood grain that indicates the time, etc. And all that said is the intention of Detail Space brand that designs furniture with the nature of the material as possible

      "Fine furniture Must have a skilled craftsman with great experience"

It's not just design, material and functionality that is a big deal in choosing a piece of loft style furniture, but the craftsmanship of a craftsman is also important. Especially the matters of carpentry and ironworkers who have to be skilled and have enough experience that the brand Detail Space is important in this matter.Knowing that mixing materials like wood and steel is difficult Therefore clearly separating each party's work Under the idea that 'A blacksmith doesn't work in wood. Carpenters do not work on iron, and design new works, whether furniture or Built-in every time, there will be a 3D model for customers to see before proceeding to the next step of production. Until it came out as a result that everyone is satisfied with today

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